The creative work of Neli Marinova begins in a rather mysterious way.

After a serious accident she has gone through she regains consciousness with a thoroughly new acquired sensuousness.

She becomes sensitive for people's thoughts, fates and diseases. Thus she detects her talent for painting with fingers and her eyes closed.

It is followed by dozens of exhibitions, appearances in the country and abroad.

Her series of paintings 'Cosmic flowers' acquired international popularity.

Neli Marinova is a psychology graduate and has created her own methods for the power of thought and subconsciousness.

The healing effect of the artist's paintings was proved. They are acting as amulets, melting the negative emanation around us.

Being tolerant towards all religions she employs symbols of different cultures in her paintings.

Neli Marinova


Paintings made with fingers and closed eyes

Embossed techniques

Paintings made with a brush - the school of Marin Petrov